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About Me

Welcome Winter Sunset

Someone got it in their head that something on my website was "against policy", so without so much as an email notification, my pages were taken down, and i was locked out of my site.

after 3 weeks of waiting for a response to my email, my website was finally unlocked.

as for what was against policy, well, it was a 'mistake'.

so until i get around to uploading my files again, i just thought i'd throw something on here so you don't think i'm dead. LOL

Pray for Peace!

Sunset Over Water

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Yes
Favorite TV show: Lost, Kyle XY, Hell's Kitchen
Favorite movie: yes
Favorite book: Harry Potter of course!
Favorite sports team: no
Favorite food: Pizza!

My Hobbies

Stream 2

writing, photography

Most Admired

My mOm who will be 89 and my Dad who is 94, and my Boyz!