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My DAD'S Favorites :)

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Happy 98th Birthday!!!!!!!!!  June 18th, 2012
Sadly this was the last Birthday we got to celebrate together.
Dad passed November 6th 2012
Happy 68th Anniversary, August 31, 1941!!!
Sadly this was the last wedding anniversary in 2009, they got to celebrate together.
Mom passed away April 9th, 2010.
August 31st 2016 would be their 75th Wedding Anniversary,
that I am sure they are dancing & celebrating together in the Great Beyond.
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    My dad loves his pickles! During the year he has to settle for store bought, but once pickle season is in, he grows his own & supplies the neighborhood, (S) & anyone else who wants to "chomp" on a nice juicy, crispy, home grown pickle. He has literally sent me 3,000 miles 'cross country on an airplane with a jar for friends during a visit, as well as taken them to the many Air Force Reunions he attends with my mom, to share as part of the "goodies" with his pals from World War II. The only reason he hasn't been able to make them in the past a few seasons back was during their visit when he couldn't find any decent "cukes".

        When I first started on the computer in 1995-96, he & my mom had absolutely no idea what I was doing down in the basement. Sometimes I didn't quite know myself,,,,,,,compiling a bunch of memories at best, as he fixed his watches, and occasionally peeked behind to see what the heck I was up to.  One day, after realizing I could write into this machine & save it for all posterity, he dictated the much coveted recipe for me.  As he approaches his 95th birthday & still going healthy and strong :), he is still making his pickles & potato latkes at home, & a mess in the kitchen! (S),,,,,,giggle,,,I think my mom likes it,,,,,,hehehe

    The music background is for his love of the organ & piano :) He still plays by ear :)

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Herman’s Famous Kosher Dills®

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                   A further addition from the master pickle maker....

Remember, do not use a bare metal top.....the vinegar & salt will rust it and give the pickles a bad taste...

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