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My Mom

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August 31st 2016 would be their 75th Wedding Anniversary,

that I am sure they are dancing & celebrating together in the Great Beyond.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy 90th Birthday Mom!!!
June 27th, 2009 :)

Happy 68th Anniversary!!!
August 31st 1941!!! :)

these were the last Mother's Day, Birthday & Anniversary we got to celebrate together,
Mom passed away April 9th, 2010.

Mom originally wrote this webpage herself on the WebTv,
which I later downloaded for this site.
I kept the original writing, but updated the years annually.

I'm posting the Eulogy written & read by me that tells who my Mom was.

April 9th, 2010

She was the youngest daughter of immigrants,
a Latvian tailor & a seamstress from Minsk, Russia.
She was creative & inherited their gifts of sewing,
 as well as making many favorite dishes in the kitchen.

She sewed her own clothes & mine.

She crocheted dresses, jackets, vests, booties, & afghans.

She knitted sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, mittens.

Stephen & I had itchy Mohair Sweaters in the 60's,
Dad had cardigans & vests.

She was often seen knitting & could be located
 by the sound of the clicking of her knitting needles,
one of her favorite contraptions of the 1970' s -
her knitting machine, while watching tv.
This was the machine that looked like Sputnick, &
made matching hats, scarves & mittens that I have to this day.

Every grandchild was given at least one handmade sweater, hat, afghan,
or bunting, either crocheted or knitted.
Between Mom & Aunt Ruth, NO grandchild was ever cold!

A famous family quest was the search for “Kitchen Gadgets.”

Growing up, & during our travels,
it became a family duty to bring home every new kitchen gadget known to man,
that we discovered along the way.

That kitchen tool collection has since multiplied
& taken over the kitchen draws over the years.
Oddly enough, pretty much every single utensil that was found,
has been used in some way or other.

For some unknown reason,
this also seems to have become a family trait of collecting various kitchen tools,
in that if we find one that is so unique & special,
everyone in the family at some point gets one too!

I remember traveling up & down the east coast,
in the backseat of the two tone green Nash Rambler.
Taking breaks along the way, & stopping for picnics in the car,

Mom was the Navigator, or “Nagivator”
& followed the directions to all the various outlets on the maps.
She was not only our GPS,
but could map out directions for anyone who was looking for a specific outlet,
that was hidden away, somewhere,
that no one had ever heard of!

My favorite treat, was eating soup that had been made on our hot plate
before we'd leave the motel room,
& eat it out of the cups that came with the thermos.

Mom had that Brownie Camera in that brown leather case, that used real film, that recorded many trips from the 50's & 60's.
If there was no camera, then it wasn't a real trip.

She made the best salmon croquettes,
that always, somehow,
mysteriously seemed to vanish from the tray before they were done.

It's also a mystery how anyone else who has ever attempted to make them,
while following her exact same recipe,
never quite has mastered the same consistency so that they would not fall apart.

She baked the best homemade chocolate cake & fudge brownies.
A similar mystery is her Passover sponge cakes which we've seen made over & over thru the years, yet no one has yet been able to duplicate them.

Technology is obviously in our blood.
She first learned how to operate a computer for data entry at Maidenform,
back in the early 1980's.

She later on graduated to the Webtv, &
became one of the first Grandmas to surf the web.

However, prior to the computer age,
she was the only one for a long time,
who actually knew how to set the clock on the VCR
so it wouldn't flash that insidious 12:00 o’clock 24 hours a day!

Mom could make anything grow, & had a true “Green Thumb”
Anything from Air Plants to Aloe Vera.

From a long happy marriage to Dad for nearly 69 years,
came a son & daughter,
two grand daughters Stacy & Jody,
two grandsons Eric & Andrew,
two great grandsons Brandon & Ethan,
as well as several 4 footed grand cats & grand dogs as Sophie & Henry.

No grand child, grand cat, or grand pup has ever been ignored,
be it coupons for cat & dog food,
to a much needed dresser when we needed a place to put baby clothes,
or passing down a second hand car to a new driver in the family.

Mom brought & kept the family together.
She taught us what love & sharing means in a family.

Wife, Mom & Gramma means love.

We love you Mom.

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  I was introduced to the Web back in 1997 when my daughter gave me a WebTV. I find it fascinating & spend much of my spare time locating friends & family, & sending e-mail. CONNECT.GIF (1220 bytes) 
    My husband & I have been married for 68 good years. We love to travel whether it be by car or plane.

    My husband, having been in service during WW2, now belongs to the 90th Bomb Group Assn. They flew & serviced B24's in the Pacific.

    We attend most of the National reunions, & all of the Eastern Mini's. The people that we have met through this group are like family, & we love them all.

    Our immediate family consists of a son Stephen, his wife Debbie, their two daughters, Stacy & Jody, our daughter Susan, & her two sons, Eric & Andrew.

In addition is Stacy's husband Will & their 2 childen/our Great- Grandsons Brandon & Ethan.
    I enjoy chatting but am still a novice, so I do not spend too much time at this.

email: ecord@webtv.netADRESS.GIF (19981 bytes)  send me email :)

Age: 90 - June 27th, 1919 - April 9th, 2010.

Sex: Female

Marital Status: happily married (August 31st, 1941)

Personal Hotlist: Yahoo, Infoseek, WhoWhere, Blue Mountain Arts, Suzie's Place, My Dad.

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  My mom did the above on the WebTV.  Aside from the traveling that they are now able to do since we are finally all out of their hair (S),, my mom has a nice collection of plants. She's one of those fortunate souls who just looks at a plant ANIFLOWE.GIF (9114 bytes) & it thrives,,,,,,me?   They turn brown & wilt.  I guess I acquired the art thing from her side, since the music & technical comes from dad.  She also SEWCHINE.GIF (6117 bytes) made many of my clothes as I was growing up & knitted many CARDIGAN.GIF (5628 bytes)sweaters, gloves & mittens by hand, as well as by knitting machine.

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With our small family scattered up and down the east & west coast, we knew that the phone bill was going to be insane if we couldn't email each other, so the WebTV was the answer!

She now is able to correspond regularly with not only myself & my brother,, she & Dad managed to locate lost friends & family as far away as Australia through the web! Pretty kewl huh?

Several years ago we got to meet for the very first time a cousin who came to visit the United States from Australia!

    Some people think you can't learn anything when you are a senior citizen!. HA!  They have

              JUST BEGUN TO MASTER THE WEB!!!  :)
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